My abstract painting

I chose abstract painting, not representational painting to express humanity, sociality, social problems, and pray for peace and love. My paintings have silent messages and I want to have expressions by words from those who appreciate my paintings. I intend not only silent messages but also room decoration as harmony with living space and sending peace of mind. I hope my paintings will be loved a long time by many people all over the world.

When I was 3 years old, I was already drawing circles. I was happily drawing a lot of circles on a paper. And I'm painting circles currently too. I had exhibitions in Japan, people who came to my exhibition talk to me about something they came up with images from my paintings. It was an amazing experience for me because the words they talked was the same things I was thinking about while I was painting. Someone told me about her experience that my painting could heal her mind. I was happy to heal her with my painting. I believe an abstract work has the power to tell something message to people. And I hope my paintings are beautiful to make an atmosphere to be comfortable.



I was very tired in focuses of society. My work was a pharmacist in medical institution and started abstract drawing for my own therapy. I was drawing thinking about happiness and prosperity of society. My first and second exhibition was not in quiet gallery but in noisy space in downtown. Because I hoped I sent something healing to many people as much as I could. Today, I am not working in a pharmacy, I am an artist drawing with universal wish for eradication of crime, peace and love.



I can never draw a same painting. Even if I try to draw a similar one, It will have different colors and mood.

Yoshie Suzuki

Born in 1972, Tokyo JAPAN
Graduate of Meiji Pharmaceutical University

Heart art elite artist exhibition